Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Recipes and Life Updates

Okay. So I am putting this out there: my blogging has been at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to family life and community life. Basically that's a GOOD thing when you don't hear from me. Unless you NEVER hear from me anywhere...then you MIGHT have reason to be concerned. 

Just sayin'. 

Or you might be disappointed I haven't been throwing any new recipes I've made up or found on the intrawebs to share.

Or you're a blog addict.

Anyhow-Life has been amazing, challenging and beautiful and stretching with three hobbits in tow (or in sling) and learning how to be a wife and mother in changing family dynamics.
Most of all this season of life has been a discovery of what it means to live an identity not defined by my sexuality, my motherhood, my wife-ness, a method of parenting or my position in society...but to define my identity in Christ and Christ alone. 

I recently attended the Mars Hill Women's Training Day in Ballard, WA and it was a GOOD rip-my-face-off-encouraging type of day. It was also a FREEING day. No, this was not a day where they told us that we needed to be barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen at all times etc. It was a day to encourage women to glorify God in everyday life: whether that's being a mom, a co-worker, a wife, or all/any combination of the above. 

I have begun reading several books as well. I take my fiction and encouragement and toolbox seriously.  (Hunger games not pictured. this picture is of my most recent amazon purchase! Some GREAT Gentle Parenting resources here.) 
You know- all that time to read between caring for a family and an awesome husband, serving in the church and tweeting and chronic insomnia. 
Needless to say these books are rocking my face off...and my heart! Sally Clarkson is an amazing mama, writer, blogger and conference speaker who blogs over at I Take Joy and Mom Heart (two wonderfully encouraging blogs on mothering, mission, and gentle parenting)
Tietz and Oyer are two mamas who are associated with GCM (Gentle Christian Mothers) and wow. What a FREEING book to read, and I'm on my 3rd bebe! 
and Love and Logic is just...AWESOMESAUCE. Need tools? Here's a great place to find some practical gentle and pro-active advice. 

We also took a trip to Idaho to visit Micah's parents and littlest brother! It was an amazing car ride there and we had such a wonderful time eating wonderful food and having some wonderful times with the parents in Craigmont, Idaho. Unfortunately the car ride home wasn't so epic. 
but it WAS worth it! 

There have been a few moments of this in the more recent afternoons:

Some wonderful conversations and new growth and blessing with my Nerfherder...especially being blessed by this man who continues to parent our children with grace, lead our family by serving us and providing for us faithfully and loving and serving me with his heart, his hands and his grace-filled conversations.

 And I have been happily wasting spending A LOT of time staring at this silly girl. 
(Her name is Iona Emery)

Also, we've decided to temporarily follow Paleo Diet guidelines to reset our digestive systems, lose some weight and get back to real food eating. We're keeping raw dairy in our diet here and there but so far it's been a pretty good experience! I thought I'd share some cool easy recipes I've been trying out. These are Nerfherder-approved! 
(yes, I realise that these all have to do with baking, but seriously? Sometimes we need some encouragement when we get bombarded with all of the "stuff i'm not allowed to eat" days...oh and be able to bake something grain/sugar/gluten-free that does NOT taste like cardboard or glorified kitty kibble.)
I like to follow the general rule of thumb when preparing/consuming/sharing food: 

Real food should taste GOOD. No exceptions.

I added chocolate chips to this (carob nibs^_^)

a GREAT pizza crust recipe! I subbed with fresh garlic in this one. 
Also, word to the wise: please use a Silpat baking mat or parchment paper.
NOT wax paper. 
Unless you wanna eat your pizza with paper. 
You know. For Fiber.

(these work great! also, she has a lot of other great recipes on her site. and she is hilarious.)

Well! That seems to be about it. I'm off to make some salmon croquettes and roasted orange & fennel brussel sprouts for dinner and plan another way to use some amazing duck eggs for another dish. 

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