Monday, February 20, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks

Well here I am! It seems that this season has gone by so fast, and yet it's been since May of last year that I have been pregnant. Whoa.
So how does my body usually start labor? Well in short it's a process. My body experiences a lot of prodromal labor in sets in the couple of weeks preceding the actual birth. It's a lot of early work but it means that it's less work for me in the end. I internalize a lot when in active labor so I don't communicate much. Environment is everything to me when in labor as well so giving birth in warm water in my own home is pretty epic and relaxing...probably why most of you won't hear much until this hobbit is here!
So- I thought I'd give you all an update to give you an idea of what's been going on the past month or so.

*due date doesn't equal expiration date. Contrary to popular belief "omg you're STILL pregnant?!" I shall not remain pregnant forever. I swear. No really! Therefore I really don't worry over dates. It gives me a general time frame but as long as baby/placenta/etc. is fine I'm cool. So-do us sweet end-of-our-days-pregnant-mamas: stick to comments like "you look great!" or "we love you and are looking forward to meeting your little one!" NOT " are HUGE." or "they are STILL in there?!" or "wow-you are going to have your hands full!" ummm...not dumb and what if I LOVE having my heart and hands full? It will be a new and beautiful version of normal for our hobbit family and we welcome the fullness with love, joy and thankfulness! (sub-disclaimer: none of you have said these things so rest easy, ducks!) lol.

*my brain is almost completely sacked at the moment. Therefore all attempts at outside grammar/English correction of this post will thereby be ignored as I have a darn good reason for them. The world will move on..most likely. Pretty sure...

How Far Along: 39 weeks (tomorrow)

Total Weight Gain: leveled out at 156

Size of Baby: somewhere around 7 or 8 lbs and the size of a small watermelon or something along those lines!

How I Am Feeling: pretty darn good! I don't go out much these days (so I can make sure that I am getting enough rest, not aggravating my hips or back, and that my family and hobbit hole is taken care of first.) I also am feeling very taken care of by my wonderful husband. He has helped me out so much around here and has made made me feel very comfortable-even spoiling me with a new electric kettle, waffle iron, coffee table, and little luxuries like going to Lush and H&M:)

Recent Memorable Moment: playing star wars Lego on the Wii with Micah by candlelight at 11 at night! Loved it! also, my friend Becca hosting a Blessingway for me, also getting my belly covered in beautiful henna tattoo!

Food cravings: nope. Though I DID get to eat sushi yesterday after church. YUM. Okay that was a total craving I've had for MONTHS now...and I was indulged. ;)

Things I Miss: rolling from one side to the other without heaving and ho-ing. Also-no heartburn. Lol.

Looking toward to: the birth, getting to call my birth team up for a labor party at my house,holding this little one and breast feeding. Especially breast feeding as I REALLY miss it<3 and I also really miss baby wearing and am looking forward to using my slings, wraps and Ergo again<3

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