Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Half Way There and Upcoming Hard Cider

It's that time again for an update! As you have guessed by the title (you smart human, you!) I am HALF WAY THERE. In other words...this baby is growing like crazy and the end of February is fast approaching. Here are the stats! Then, I'll talk more about the other part of my title. Promise.

How far along: 20 weeks

Total weight gain: 15 lbs.

How big is baby: umm...i have no idea. lemme go check my ticker...............WHOA. it says the size of a cantaloupe. poor kid is gonna have identity issues when he/she is born. a different food every week. lol. 

Sleep: meh. it's okay;) sleep or lack of it is never something to complain about (i have made my mind up). life could be worse. The Lord will be sure to give me rest when I need it, and help me to discipline myself to take times out to rest. 

Best moment this week: When I took Micah's hand and placed it on my growing belly late last night...and he got to feel the hobbit move. Like, the baby literally went stir-crazy when he put his hand there. Again, it was a crying moment for me. ;)

Movement: finally have gotten to start feeling movement from the outside....i can't wait until the hobbits get to SEE it happening! haha! 

Food cravings: today i would like thai food. that is all. thanks, Bethann. thanks alot. 
Belly button in or out: deliciously normal. no wrinkly overhang. 

What I miss: putting my boots on without doing a weird yoga pose. 
What I am looking forward to:  life over the next few months. 

Milestone:  feeling this little one move within me. it's comforting and helps me fall asleep. at least at this point;) 

Okay! Now on to hard cider. Me and the handsome husband make alcohol. The homemade variety from freshly-juiced/pressed apples. Every year it's different. every year we get better;) I am contemplating doing either a video tutorial or just a picture tutorial. Also thinking of doing a "class" of sorts...but I'll just put it out there as something to be interested and let me know if you are interested in it. Sound good? Good. Because hard apple cider is absolutely FANTASTIC....either to give as gifts or to be a bit selfish and keep it for those long dark winter nights ahead. Or you can even do half and half....half hoarding and half gifting. Anyhow-it's good...and it's ridiculously easy and frugal to make! Yeah, that's what I said....homemade hard cider is FRUGAL to make! 

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