Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pregnancy Update (18 Weeks)

Hello to you all! I thought I'd humor you with a quick, yet picture-less post regarding my pregnancy;P Yeah, yeah. Whine. But you know you'll read it anyway.

How far along: 18 weeks, and a couple of days. (i think. hey, this is my 3rd baby, 4th pregnancy so give me some brain slack.) I am almost 1/2 way there already! 

Total weight gain: 14 lbs. (one stone if I recall, for those lovely Brits of you out there!)

How big is baby: about the size of a sweet potato (so I am told by a handy-dandy pregnancy ticker.) 

Sleep: going okay. pretty uncomfortable with sciatica and hip dysplasia flaring up, but Micah (aka AMAZING husband) heats up this awesome custom-made heat wrap for me that velcros around my waist/hips to ease some of the pain. Yes. I am in love. 

Best moment this week: I have been REALLY trying hard to be more self-aware regarding my tongue. As in, not yelling at my little bright-eyed hobbits and getting impatient and frustrated. It's making both their days and my days go much better. Choosing to consciously be calm and kind instead of angry and nasty is well....refreshing. Thanks to Jesus. I take no credit for this. 

Movement: it's here and there-still a bit quiet...but I know in the next couple of weeks that will be more obvious. (as in, stick a remote on my belly and watch it bumped around. Endless fun, I tell you!)

Food cravings: Meh. not much. Orange juice still always sounds great with any meal I am having. I keep noticing that I'll make something delicious, eat it for dinner, then it smells totally off and wrong to me the next day. This is more proof I am not my "normal" self. 

Belly button in or out: well, no more wrinkly overhang on my little crater so baby MUST be growing. still in...looking bigger. I think. I don't stare at my belly button THAT often. 

What I miss: not being in excruciating pain for no apparent reason. I'd rather be encumbered with a giant belly than feel like I can't walk. Hobbling around (or attempting to at times) like a little ol' biddy gives me a renewed appreciation for those amazing older loves who walk like this (or better than me right now) and don't make a squeak. I prefer childbirth to this. (and I am one of those freaks who loves going through labor and childbirth.) 

What I am looking forward to: the next 3 months. 3 birthdays (Mine, Micah's and Imogen's),  lots of pumpkins and apples. (aka, pumpkin pie, pumpkin butter, pumpkin EVERTHING, apple butter, apple pie filling, apple pie, applesauce, dried apple rings...the lot.) 

Milestone: I am almost half way through this pregnancy already. Before I know it, it's gonna be January and I'm gonna start freaking out about how clean the floors need to be in our house. 

So that's about it! I am excited for the days to come. God is good. He is faithful. Always.

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  1. Nicole Chase11:57 PM

    My main two thoughts: You're not a freak- birth is SO amazing. And... there is such a thing as pumpkin butter?!? Oh, and why the floors? I was more concerned with the cupboards... ;)