Thursday, September 01, 2011

First Day of September

We've had some lovely cooler weather to give this temperate mama a break over the past 3 days. This weekend is Labor Day Weekend, and temps will be heating back up into the 90's. Summer's last hurrah!

I am thankful for a new month, and planning for my fall goals (most of them dealing with food preservation, or food in general. you can laugh.)

Here are a few of my upcoming September/October goals:
1. Purchasing/storing our 1/4 of grass-fed beef.
2. canning freestone peaches, nectarines, pickles, dilly beans, tomatoes/tomato sauce.
3. making apple, pear, pumpkin butters for fall/winter gifts and for consuming at near-alarming rates ourselves.
4. making hard apple cider (a tradition every year:), thanks to my awesome FIL, and our favourite local homebrew supply store: Bader's
4 1/2: making flavored vinegars, syrups and infusions for gifts and for health/colds in fall and winter.
5. knitting more.
6. finishing my fall mass-decluttering.
7. getting the kids and i on a more "autumnal" schedule of more structured learning times, outings (even when it's raining!) and going to our gorgeous new library downtown that has early childhood sensory centers set up for them!
8. starting a preschool co-op with a few local mama friends of mine.
9. foraging for local free sources of  nuts, herbs, fruits, etc.

Just because I post goals doesn't mean I am ALWAYS productive or ALWAYS going to accomplish everything I want to. Let's face it. As much as I'd like to BELIEVE I am a Jedi, (in my heart i really am!) I am a simple nerdy mom who sometimes likes surfing the internet, eating mac-n-cheese, watching awesome movies like "I Am Number Four" with my husband, and playing IKEA barnyard or "dirt" with my kids. And pinning pictures on Pinterest. And reading a good book with a giant cuppa tea. And watching homebirth videos on youtube. And geeking out over finding a homemade hotpocket recipe on the internet. SEE??? I am pretty darn normal, folks. Now. excuse me. I have a raw egg/eggshell mess to clean up in the kitchen. My daughter LOVES chewing eggshells and squishiness of raw egg. Like, obsessed with it. I rest my case.


  1. this is great! happy september kileah!

  2. EEEEEEEeewwwwwwwwww, Immy!

    Is is possible to make hard cider without too many supplies? I have swing-top bottles, but no special yeast or anything...

  3. oh yeah! we'd just use a big gallon glass growler, a surgical glove, a rubber band, and some sugar and regular ol' instant yeast. because we have Bader's just down the road we use cider or champagne yeast now...but it can easily be done:) alcohol is mainly created in an anaerobic environment (i'm sure you knew that already!) so remember to fill it up to the bottom of the neck (sugar, cider and yeast) then get ALL the air out of your twisted up glove, stick the "wrist" part on the jug, and get in on there really tight with a rubber band (sticking the "fingers" part into the neck to suck any excess air out. then let go of the rubber band. the gasses will escape controlled through the glove so it may inflate depending on how much activity you get! if lots of activity you may wanna feed it every couple of weeks or so (take a cup or two out of liquid and feed it more sugar and replace what liquid you can that you took out). then seal it up in pop-top bottles when it reaches it's desired alcohol levels. then let it sit and cure for a bit. put redhots in it, or cinnamon sticks...or nothing. it just tastes HEAVENLY! if you need less-disjointed directions, lemme know and i can type them up for you:P