Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pregnancy Update

So hopefully I will be getting these out every week or...two...or three...but just so you all can follow my progress^_^ I got the lovely idea from HERE (she happens to be one of my absolute FAVOURITE blogs on this planet. I wish I could meet her in person<3).
The updates might come with a completely unrelated topic...maybe even to just what I've been doing as of late. (like, being a hobbit mommy to hobbitsy hobbitses and hobbitwife to handsome husband...).
So here it is!
(sorry, hands were shaking and I needed to eat. and it's terrible lighting in the bathroom. and I have an iPhone 3GS...so no double camera feature or flash....etc. etc. etc.)

How far along? 13 weeks

Total weight gain: 5 lbs.

How big is baby? the size of a plum or peach. 

Sleep: uncomfortable as my hip displasia acts up alot at this point from here on out, but my insomnia isn't too bad otherwise. so if you see freakish activity from me in the middle of the night, that's me on my iphone listening to other people sleep and keeping myself occupied. ;)

Best moment this week: so far it has been picking over a 1/2 flat of blackberries hanging over the fence in front of my tiny hobbit-hole porch. 

Movement: at this point i think i'm just feeling gas bubbles...but it COULD be baby;)

Food cravings: not so much cravings as things that sound excellent to me at all times including but not limited to: gourmet pizza, scottish breakfast tea from one of my FAVOURITE LOOSE-LEAF TEA SHOPS, and orange juice. I nixed eggs and potatoes off the list when my stomach turned after i ate them this morning. strange as last week they were the best things EVER. 

Belly button in or out? in, with a slight wrinkly tummy overhang on the top. it's gorgeous, friends:D bask in it. it's called "i birthed two babies...and my body carries signs of love"...lol. 

What I miss: the less-creakiness of my hip joints. or my joints in general. also,  not feeling like a freak because i know that my food tastes right now are just NOT NORMAL. except for the tea. (can you tell i think alot about food? still?)

What I'm looking forward to: autumn, colder days, rain, and going to the pumpkin patch with my hobbits and husband and brewing tea most every day because it fits the cozy weather. knitting things for our little one (due the end of February) and thinking ahead to handmade gifts for our family and friends. 

Milestone: when this week ends I will head into the 2nd trimester! whew! i have a feeling this pregnancy will go by REALLY FAST with two toddlers,  autumn and holidays approaching, etc. hoping things can slow down for a bit after the new year as we prepare for this newest one and enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy. 

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