Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Growing Clan McIlvain

Well, for most of you who know me, I'm sure the bantha is outta the bag by now-I am 13 weeks pregnant with a growing hobbit! I'm passing out of the "I wanna puke my guts out" phase of pregnancy life...thank the Maker. We are ecstatic, joyful and praising the Lord for this new addition to our clan! We won't be finding out the gender with this one (I know I know...it's gonna drive all of us "Type A's" NUTS, but there it is;)) we have a boy and a girl, so it just made sense to us to not "worry" so much over gender. we have clothing, etc. for both boy and girl so we're cool.  (okok, mainly me...my sweet husband likes to know still, but he's being gracious.)

I thought I'd celebrate by posting a themed set of following entries including: my birth story of my first son, an email interview with my first midwife, Ann Olsen, licensed and insured CPM practicing out of Enumclaw, WA who was our amazing care provider for Eoin and Imogen's beautiful homebirth story.
My motivations for this are to show the well-educated, comprehensive and experienced education, wisdom, and high-level of comprehensive care I received at both of my births, the difference that better laws and education can make in different states, and what I have grown up through and learned through these experiences.
Sometimes in our passion for better maternity care advocacy- crucial components can get lost in the mix. So that being said, the following posts aren't to start a "birthing war", a "who knows the most" rant, a series of "gossip posts" ripping apart what we don't agree with or to convince you that "one way is the only way"...but rather to graciously show you all a picture into my own amazing experiences with my care providers in the births of my children and hopefully spur those of you on who profess faith in Christ to let your speech, (blogging, interaction, advocacy, etc.) with balanced truth, but most of all with the LOVE and GRACE and COMPASSION of our Lord. (let's face it, we could ALL do with more grace and love in how we speak and present our cases to mankind!)
Why am I bringing God into this? Well, frankly, I've been saved by Him. My life is HIS. Makes sense to strive to be holistic in my lifestyle regarding all things, yes-even pregnancy, childbirth and advocating comprehensive safe care for women.  Letting Christ permeate everything I do...everything I say...everything I don't say.
 It is His character, and not my passion, that should determine how I speak, and how I act, and how I present things to the world (something I fail in all too often in my "quest" for everyone to know what's "right")...but a life not seasoned with Christ's grace and love and gentleness gives no credit to the One who gives me breath, but to me alone. And THAT, dear friends, is a travesty. It does no one any good for the focus to be pointed at me or my cause, instead of to Christ. Scripture is fairly permeated with references to God being gracious and compassionate...to not strive to be so in all things in my life is to not display and live the very attibutes of the God who saved me.
So get ready all of you crazies and not-so-crazies, you all are gonna get some beautiful stories and a wonderful interview/response or two.

"Let your speech always be with grace, as seasoned with salt, so that you will know how to respond to each person." 
Colossians 4:6


  1. Kileah, I love reading what you have to say! Every time you talk about this pregnancy, I get a little teary-eyed with joy. God has really worked through you and your family as an example of his wonderful grace and compassion. Can't wait to read more!

  2. dear unknown: thank you so much for your encouragement! i am so thankful that the Lord is working in you through my ramblings;) have a great day!