Monday, June 13, 2011

One Hundred Blessings

In celebration of my wedding anniversary I have decided to start writing 100 reasons as to WHY I love my husband, the Nerfherder. (yup. you heard it right. secret family recipe given to the one who knows what movie THAT one comes out of...and you  have to be specific.) I am writing 20 blessings a day that my fantastic husband is to me-the last 20 being posted on my anniversary (which is Friday!). We'll be going out of town that weekend with the wee family to celebrate on Friday so I'll make sure I post the last 20 before we leave:)
1. He loves Jesus.
2. He always orders the same thing at Dutch Bros. (large cocomo)
3. He always buys me the best shoes.
4. He works extremely hard at a job with usually a great attitude even though he doesn't love his job so that I give all of my attention to our home and family.
5. He loves me even though I am a super nerd and have more Star Wars toys than he does.
6. He can design a pattern, draw designed pattern out, cut said pattern out, and sew like nobody's business. Oh, and it's adorable.
7. He is a beautiful musician.
8. He brings home chinchillas because he has the most compassionate and tender heart for all those in need of rescuing...even animals.
9. Isn't easily swayed by trends in theology and culture, but yet very open-minded and grounded in his faith and love for Jesus.
10. He is hot. Like way hot. I still get jellylegs when I see his shoulder muscles flex.
11. He has a killer smile.
12. His eyes are like an ocean and change according to his mood-blue, grey and green.
13. He is the BEST. LOVER. EVER.
14. He totally tripped out with me over Avatar.
15. He is a man's man...and can skin a deer, bake amazingly, articulate deep theological thoughts, and sew an adorable little dress for our daughter.
16. He can call me out on my crap and still love me.
17. He can be more crunchy than me sometimes.
18. He isn't a complainer or lazy or attention-obsessed.
19. He never feels like his manliness is threatened and doesn't get defensive or even talk about it-instead he defends his diversity and the fact that he PWNS it! :)
20. He fully supports bed-sharing with our hobbits, me breastfeeding out hobbits past infancy, traditional food lifestyle, homebirthing, gentle biblical discipline, and a godly holistic lifestyle.

ok-more to come!
Have a beautiful Monday-and hey. Start counting the awesomeness in your life.

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  1. Love it, Kileah! You are most definitely blessed! Can't wait to read more! :-)