Friday, June 17, 2011

One Hundred Blessings (the final day!)

Well today is the day! It's our 5-year anniversary! I am closing with reasons 80-100:)
81. He loves Trader Joe's
82. He dresses well always and doesn't believe in loungewear in public.
83. He has sexy detached earlobes perfect for gauging, which he does;) and this is also sexy.
84. He is a really safe driver.
85. He gives excellent and uncomplicated directions.
86. He buys me cloth diapers!(for the kids to wear. Not me.)
87. He attempts to understand my fascination with vampires but finds it rather amusing more than anything, really.
88. He supports our consumption of raw milk and isn't afraid to talk about the benefits of it and why we drink it!
89. He passionately shares why a midwifery model of care is so wonderful and shares our wonderful birth stories with anyone who will listen!
90. He marvels at the beauty of God's Creation and everything in it.
91. He loves all three of our children (yes-even the one with Jesus) with a love deeper than I have seen anywhere.
92. He is beautiful
93. He makes me laugh.
94. He loves me so well.
95. He thinks I am beautiful.
96. He has excellent taste in music!
97. He has not lost His First Love.
98. He is a reflection of Jesus to me in our marriage.
99. He is an amazing provider.
100. He is my love. MY LOVE. my heart. My life.

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