Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One Hundred Blessings (Day Three)

In case you have missed the first 2 days of the One Hundred Blessings my husband is in celebration of our anniversary this Friday-you can look back HERE! Otherwise-here is my continuation for today:)
41. He has the most glorious laugh that seriously makes his eyes shine. And his nose wrinkles up just like our daughter's when he does.
42. He has this really REALLY big affinity for chocolate chip cookies.
43. He knows who he is and knows he needs space and solitude sometimes. Hence the reason he plays angry birds. Makes sense.
44. He doesn't have foul body odour. EVER. Even if he has sweated profusely all day.
45. He smells like one hunk of hot man. Yes please.
46. He gets excited when he sees "taco salad" on my menu plan, and will instantly inquire after iced black tea slightly sweetened as a side.
47. He embraces my "hippie" notions about deoderant/antiperspirant  (aka. deoderant GOOOOOD. antiperspirant BAAAAAAD.) and willingly tries out my concoctions that I "guinea pig" him out on. And they DO WORK, just so you know.
48. He is passionate about sharing good information with other people, and USUALLY has great tact in doing so, which I sometimes envy.
49. He rules at sarcasm. Mostly. As long as I get it. I-on the other hand, suck at it.
50. He has the most adorable "oh no you di'nt" look on his face when he's spouting a sarcastic rant. I love it.
51. He loves our kids like CRAZY and would do ANYTHING to protect them. (Hence keeping a baby intact and whole in Reason #39.)
52. He loves our cats sometimes more than I do. It's just a fact of life. And I love cats....but he LOVES our cats.
53. He has a very good asthetic when it comes to just about anything like: how we should decorate our house, how I should be dressed in public, how I should allow the kids to dress in public, etc. I am talking "no frump, no stains, no homeschool mom"....etc.
54. He loves shopping.
55. He can do math in his head like I used to be able to before I had kids. Until my brain went....uhh...somewhere....?
56. He went into Fred Meyer the other night and came out with a package of toilet paper that was made out of recycled materials. Completely unprompted.
57. He stands in line with me for the grand opening of the The Cottonbabies store at 6 a.m. in the morning so that I can be the first one there at the door. And the doors don't open until 10.
58. He can sketch and paint really well.
59. He has sexy grey in his hair.
60. He is willing to allow his extrovert of a wife to talk to him after a long day with no adults in the house when he is very much an extroverted introvert.

Stay tuned for another installment tomorrow! Can you post a few blessings your spouse is to you? 

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