Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Hundred Blessings (Day Four)

Whew-getting ready to head out of town with our little hobbits tomorrow so I thought I would take advantage of the naptime and clean house (yeah, amazing I've kept it as clean as I have this week. It was a monumental effort for both Nerfherder and I!)
So here is Day 4 of my One Hundred Blessings celebrating my and Nerfherder's 5th anniversary tomorrow;) Tomorrow is the last day and should be good too!
61. He will clean up the aftermath of Toddlerpocalypse...aka DINNER. This means vacuuming, calling in HAZMAT, the whole nine yards.
62. He has the best "shushing" talent I have ever seen in a man.
63. He can sush any baby, even someone else's to complete calmness.
64. He is amazingly good at calming our high-spirited son.
65. He doesn't take himself too seriously.
66. He bakes a MEAN pineapple upside down cake.
67. He always picks the most beautiful flowers out for me.
68. He enjoys going to the Farmer's Market and mostly puts up with my wandering about and gawking at all of the "shiny things"...(AKA FOOD.)
69. He laughs at me and my obsession with all things that taste good and wonders why I am not the one packing on the extra pounds. I tell him to breastfeed and everything will just melt off. Lots of smirking ensues.
70. He comes up with the BEST nicknames for our Nimblator, Nimbles, Tolkienator, T-Money, Creepah, Lifesucker (okok...I added that last one in there).
71. He finally realised he has a problem with too many shoes, so he copes with this by buying me more. I haven't complained much.
72. He enjoys poking fun at me and rolling his eyes with dramatic sighing every time I bring up the subject of adding 3 chickens to our family--but I know he would let me have them in a heartbeat if we could.
73. He ALWAYS finds the most fantastic parking spots wherever we are. It's like he's got magic or something. I swear he has Dumbledore's elder wand.
74. He laughs hysterically late at night when I narrate the cats' imaginary conversations out loud as they stalk one another around our little living room.
75. He greatly looks forward to autumn and making apple cider with me.
76. He loves pizza almost as much as I do.
77. He enjoys baths.
78. He is secretly obsessed with having a giant saltwater fishtank. And a person designated to take care of this monstrosity. (notice I did NOT say me. I am not the zookeeper. I keep hobbits. Hobbits are enough. lol.)
79. He has so much love and compassion for people that sometimes it makes me tear up when I think about it.
80. He has hobbit toes and I FREAKING LOVE THEM. Absolutely LOVE them!

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