Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Hundred Blessings (Continued)

Tuesday and 20 more blessings in celebration of our (Nerfherder and I) anniversary! If you missed the first 20, read them HERE. Enjoy:)

21. He gives the most incredible kisses.
22. He designed and made me flaxseed-filled heatpacks for me when pregnant with our hobbits to wrap around my hips when they were aching so badly.
23. He has this beautiful and unique way of writing words to me.
24. He isn't afraid to be honest and open with how he feels about something.
25. He cried at our births and I didn't.
26. He loves getting loose tea.
27. He loves the rain, scarves, layers and snuggling into our hobbit hole on a cold dreary fall or winter day.
28. He has these amazing dimples that only add to the handsome amazingness that is his face.
29. He is the perfect height because I fit absolutely perfectly underneath his arm.
30. He has more creativity and ingenuity in his pinky (which is bigger than my thumb) than I do in my whole body.
31. He has a "come hither" voice when he sings. Still makes me jellylegged. 
32. He LOVES books and values them.
33. He loves candles and always makes sure I am well stocked and doesn't think it's ridiculous when I ask to get just ONE more from Ikea. 
34. He comes home with "feel-good" treats like Ben and Jerry's  Chunky Monkey or Pistachio. 
35. He loves my cooking and is honest enough to gently tell me when it isn't good.
36. He likes sci-fi and will watch it with me. 
37. He attempts to educate this Star Wars freak about Star Trek (which he knows WAY more about!). 
38. He is nearly ALWAYS warm so I can steal heat from him. 
39. He believes in keeping children whole and intact.
40. He loves the beach.

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