Monday, May 09, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

It's the start to a new week! In an effort to rotate ingredients a bit more to be easier on our food budget and variate, I like to switch off weeks for how much meat, or dairy that I use...(so that it's not cheese and meat every My husband's paycheck is happier for it and it frees me up to get to purchase other things I have been needing/wanting like THIS which has blessed our family and friends we have had over this past week playing it during meals and visiting time (and when we go to bed at night!)... or some of THIS (so I can add them to our yummy smoothies!)
enjoy! more recipes coming soon! if something catches your eye and doesn't have a link, shoot me a comment to tell me your interest in a recipe and I'll try to get it up for you later this week :)

Monday: Sarah's Italian Spaghetti (literally is aaaamazing fare!)
Tuesday: Simple Chicken Noodle Soup and homemade bread
Wednesday: Irish Coddle and Irish Soda Bread (based off my father-in-love's recipe)
Thursday: Vietnam Fried Rice with Satay Sauce
Friday: Black Bean Wraps (vegetarian)
Saturday: Date Night (eating out)
Sunday: McIlvains (we go over to their house to eat!)
Monday: White Chicken Crockpot Chili & Cornbread
Tuesday: mother-in-love's birthday dinner
Wednesday: Turkey Burgers, Salad & homemade Fries
Thursday: Hungarian Baked Chicken, salad & mashed taters
Friday: Kale & Sausage tagine on Couscous
Saturday: Taco Soup & Cornbread
Sunday: McIlvains

I didn't post my breakfasts or lunches this week because I've gotta start other things in a few minutes, but this at least gives you an idea of what I'm making for dinners! We keep lunches very simple with popcorn and fruit, veggies and pickles, pb sandwiches, leftovers, etc. Breakfasts I rotate soaked porridge, eggs and smoothies, muffins, farmer scrambles and yes, with the occasional bowl of cereal from trader joe's. it goes against all things Nourishing Traditions, but hey. sometimes I need a break, and Micah loves cereal too! at least it doesn't have any yukky ingredients in it. shoot me.

What RECIPES would you like to see from this menu plan posted here on my blog? Leave a comment and I'll try my darndest to get them up this week!


  1. Yay for meal plans! This looks fantastic. Is Micah open to less meat? I have some vegetarian recipes that we like...I could share if you want :)

    A note on the fried rice...make sure the rice is COLD before adding it to the mix. Otherwise it turns to goop. We really like this recipe. I typically add some ginger for more kick.

    I'd ask for some of your recipes, but we seriously don't eat much meat...

  2. hey amy! sorry it took so long to reply! i'm always up for vegetarian recipes!
    i totally ended up changing the recipe from the link i posted, haha. it's what usually ends up happening-and i'm usually happy i always do!
    we eat about 1/5 vegan, 1/5 vegetarian and 3/5 carnivorous diet. we try to consume pasture-raised and local meat because micah likes meat (so do i, lol) and grass-fed has some great nutrient advantages over their mainstream counterparts. that being said "meat ain't cheap" so we try to always get creative with tasty and wonderful vegetarian meals! please send some of your faves and i'd love to taste them!