Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday (even though it's Tuesday)

So another two weeks have rolled around-thought I'd share my menu plan for the next 2 weeks-give you an idea of breakfasts, lunches and dinners around here for late spring/early summer. I went low on the budget this go-around so things are pretty simple but nourishing!

Monday: it's over, baby.
Tuesday: potatoes & eggs fried in bacon fat---leftovers---vegetarian black bean nachos with "the works"
Wednesday: soaked oatmeal/smoothies---popcorn, cheese, veggies---stir fry with satay peanut sauce
Thursday: soaked berry muffins---pb&j/veggies/fruit---breakfast burritos w/homemade tortillas
Friday: soaked sourdough pancakes/smoothies---quesadillas & veggies---burgers/fries (homemade buns, burgers and homemade steak fries)
Saturday: buscuits & gravy---tuna salad sandwiches (picnic)---homemade Naan bread and chicken curry
Sunday: monkey buns---leftovers---leftovers
Monday: soaked oatmeal/kefir smoothies---popcorn/veggies---grilled cheese & tomato soup
Tuesday: eggie in a basket---pbj & fruit/veggies---homemade chicken strips, steak fries & salad
Wednesday: soaked muffins---quesadillas/veggies---nitrite-free hotdogs with homemade buns & fruit salad
Thursday: homemade yogurt/granola---soaked crackers/cheese/fruit---white bean bbq wraps & spanish rice
Friday: soaked pancakes/smoothies---popcorn/veggies/fruit---Burgerville (band practice)
Saturday: biscuits & gravy---tuna or egg sandwiches---leftovers
Sunday: Monkey buns---snacks---McIlvain's Cottage

I plan a day ahead  for soaked items like burger/hotdog buns, homemade crackers (great for on the go!), rice, tortillas, etc. Also plan on regular rotation of preparing homemade yogurt, dairy kefir, kombucha and kefir soda to add to meals and smoothies and the kids love it! (showdup is their way of saying soda...only they are referring to my more recent batch of apple kefir soda...haha).

So there you have it! Pretty simple. I didn't really throw in anything new-and we have alot of busy nights over the next couple of weeks so thinking ahead and making simple meals like this will free us up to do what we need to do! Enjoy;)

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