Monday, March 07, 2011

Chili and Children

Oh, Monday! Today was actually an excellent start to the week-my sourdough dry starter my mom gave me for Christmas finally started bubbling like crazy this morning! (I started it last week and we keep our home on the cooler side, so it took a bit of coaxing!) It looks fabulous...visions of english muffins, sourdough spice cake, and rustic sourdough loaves are dancing through my head every time i take a glance at my "mr. yeastie". (not to be confused with "yeastie beastie" know what I mean. ok. moving on.)
The kids are catching up on sleep, only for us to be turning our clocks ahead an hour this weekend. I know. Genius. But, they are giving me alot of smiles today. I'll take smiles and laughter anyday!

I am also on my 2nd revision of a wonderfully simple White Chicken Chili recipe I've been tinkering around with!  So, I thought I'd share the recipe with you all today-because good food needs to be shared. Hallelujah.
White Chicken Chili 
6-8 c. of traditionally soaked Great White Northern Beans (what is "What is "traditionally soaked"?")
3-4 raw chicken breasts, cut widthwise into 1/4 inch strips or so
3 to 4 garlic cloves, minced/pressed
1 medium onion, chopped
1/2 to 1 red bell pepper
4-6 c. homemade chicken stock 
(you gauge how much your crockpot needs after adding everything else in.)
(or whatever you have on hand! you can even use water if you don't have any. I try to use homemade broth whenever I can to get the extra added benefits/nutrient density of bone broths)
2 tsp. of Celtic Sea Salt (or a good salt that you have on hand!)
 (start out, then add more to taste as you see fit)
1 TBSP. whole oregano, lightly punctured/ground
1 tsp. (ish) of whole cumin 
(whole cumin of a good quality withstands long cooking periods as opposed to ground cumin)

*Throw all of this in the crockpot about 6 hours before you want to serve it. I usually put the knob on "HIGH". But if you want to do it over an 8 hr period (like if you have to work, then come home to make dinner, then put it on "LOW".)
*Stir occasionally to make yourself drool. when you know the chicken is cooked through, you can break up the chicken pieces with a spoon to disperse it a bit more throughout the chili. 
*Do occasional taste tests! you may find you'll want more cumin for that smoked flavor...or oregano for a more savory flavor...or more what your tongue tells you to do. 
*If you want to make it spicy, feel free to add red pepper flakes or hot chilis  to your liking! My husband likes it hot, but I'm not that big of a fan of spicy white chili, so I let him spice his up if he wants;) 
*Voila! Super easy, smells AMAZING coming home to...whether it's you or your spouse....and is fantastic by itself or topped with raw cheddar cheese, cultured sour cream, tortilla chips or whatever you like! 

What are some of YOUR favourite sides with chili? Is it cornbread? Fritters? Salad? Pig Ears? Just kidding. But seriously-what do you like?

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