Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Early Morning Thoughts On Psalm 4

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This morning I was able to wake and get ready for the day while the hobbits slept. (showers in peace are truly a treat! But I will admit, I love the morning chaos too.)
I read out of 2 John and Psalm 4 and wrote down some thoughts on the latter passage. Here are just a few of those thoughts-especially in light of what has gone on in the last couple of months I considered this an encouragement and a sure hope. 
Proof of the Lord's goodness and favour in my life is His joy. Joy greater than my circumstances. Joy greater than how I feel in times of material blessing or emotional wilderness. Joy that can transcend deeper than my hurts and my shortcomings. 
It takes much more discipline to be still and to bask in the Lord's presence. It's much easier to be consumed by what has gone on that day and be overwhelmed by all life hurls at me. It's easier to become angry at God or others for circumstances in my life, whether or not the root of those circumstances is true or not...that is not the point. It's easier to doubt our righteousness that the Lord has given us and to come before Him with confidence because of that truth...especially if the day has gone horribly, and I KNOW I have failed countless times. 
God has given us HIS joy. HIS righteousness. We don't have to come on our own merit or somehow hope that God will somehow be "less displeased" with us today than He was yesterday. God doesn't operate that way. What. A. Relief. I'm not in the "doghouse" because He wants us to "mull over it" before He forgives us. He forgive us and it's DONE. He forgets about it and moves on with us. Regardless of the fallen humanly habits we find ourselves mired with. He still forgives. He doesn't forgive us less or love us less because we have problems and issues. He doesn't doubt our sincerity just because we've committed the same wrongdoing twice. Whoa. 
As I go about my day today-through mothering, discipline, daily homemaking, cleaning up messes, wifering (yes, i made that word up and you get to read it right here, on my blog! all things "wife") and cultivating a heart of Love, Joy and trust in the Lord....I pray that I remain vulnerable and open to the tender and strong hands of the Lord. 
May He "Be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out." (thank you, Mr. Tolkien for the words about the Light of Earendil and for my friend A who quoted this the other day and has been traversing its way around my thoughts since then.)

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