Thursday, November 04, 2010

Autumnal Nesting

I am a firm believer in the fact that women nest whether they're pregnant or not. It's just in our nature...some have it more than others, and that's okay. Me? I go in spurts-autumn being my most productive time because of the harvest and whatnot. That means alot of preserving for me:D But who's complainin'? This means I get to play my part in modern pioneering...even if it IS in the middle of the city! My handsome husband and dear hobbits get to reap the benefits of this "non-pregnant nesting" in my case: pickles, peaches, pumpkin butter and all manner of veggies and fruits dried and preserved through the winter months when sun and warmth is scarce.
So by now you're probably asking " there any proof of these productive days? Sure is! Have fun with the following;) These were taken by my android phone.

This is all of the hard apple pie cider we racked off! now it's mellowing out next to two batches of kombucha

This is a crockpot full of pumpkin butter and some fuji apple rings from my 83lbs of apples

This is a crockpot full of fresh grassfed beef bone broth that was made from leftover stew bones

Well there you go! I also made 2 pumpkin pies...buuuut those are mostly eaten :p
Enjoy life today!


  1. Um, yes. I'm drooling.

    By the way, I fixed things and you can now actually SEE your blog link on my blog! :P

  2. YUM. Pumpkin butter sounds absolutely heavenly!