Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome To A Bit Of Earth!

Welcome to my newly-revamped site! It's been a long time coming. (I know, like after how many times I said I would revamp it and blog consistently, it didn't happen due to lack of interawebs connection and life happening...good life, but life nonetheless!) I hope that as I journey through all of this you'll join with me as we traverse this story together. I've tried to keep things simple here, so let me know if it's all confusing and befuddled and I'll see what I can do:) I am one who's easily distracted...(fairy blood, you know. yes, I'm a super-nerd! So I've tried to keep things simple but creative here. I'll be adding more linkage and whatnot soon! Recipes, rants, raves, blunderings, sundries, quips, quotes, ponders, prose...this is what'll be coming up;) Why not focus on one thing? Well, others have done a fairly excellent job with giving a bunch of resources and becoming excellent with certain veins of loveliness and whatnot, so I'd honestly just love to give you a telescope into my life as it's lived. I am one who learns and retains much more in story than in textbook, anyhow. Ramble over. Let the discovering begin!

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