Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sitting In Starbies, Because I Love My Friend, E!

So I am sitting here in a Starbies (starbucks for all the rest of you) waitin' for a friend who gets to leave her hobbits with her sister for a couple of hours. I also got to leave my own little gnomies with the Nerfherder and man....gettin' out for a few hours is almost as good as letting me loose in Hogwarts with a wand. Almost.

My eyes don't feel quite so accosted in here with the sun finally peeking out. It's been raining and storming the past few days so I *was* as happy as a leprechaun basking in a rainbow...but now I feel more or less like a vamp...my eyes and the sun just. dont. mix. well.
As I write this I am desperately trying to NOT use exclamation point after exclamation point. If you saw my regular tweets or texts I have a sore tendency to abuse them. Like, bad!!!
Anyhow, onto ponderings of the morning-I am okay. The God who knit my bones together still gives me breath. I am meant for more...and my Nerf is so good to me. Yes-that would be my husband. Yes, I will tell that story someday of why I call him a Han Solo insult directed by Leia Organa...Star Wars. *sigh*
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