Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall, Fungi and a Bit of Cheese

It is officially autumn in the Pacific Northwest. I think that I look forward to this time of year for several good reasons:
1. It shows me things do change, eventually; for the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly...but mostly the good and beautiful. Change. It's a good thing. (did I just sound like a "Beef, it's what's for dinner" commercial with Copeland's score of "Billy the Kid" or "Rodeo" in the background? Ah well. Probably.)
2. It brings on the most rich and delicious colour and flavour palette. Things start simmering, people start knitting, and we start relishing the crisper nights, spicier breads, earthier cheeses, and that smell of applewood smoke and wet earth outside.
3. Autumn happens to contain my birthday. October to be more exact. Because birthdays are always a good thing-no matter what age. No I'm not willing to argue on that one. I don't care if you're two or eighty and two. It's still a good thing.
4. It's when Nerfherder and I got engaged, when HIS birthday is, and well...yeah. I'm just nutty about autumn.

One thing I did in celebration of my Autumnal reverie is watch a PBS documentary I checked out from the library entitled "The Cheese Nun."  My inner foodie nerdism just totally geeked out on me as I watched the 90-minute documentary of a Benedictine Nun who goes by "Sister Noella" who studies, crafts, and teaches the ancient art of raw milk cheesemaking in Bethlehem, Connecticut. One word I am left with is: "INSPIRED"....or the phrase..."I need to go eat me some good, NOW."  Any of you who know me personally, or have spent any amount of foodie time with me know, that at some point, the conversation will turn to either cheese, fermented drinks, or bread. Because I love real food. Period.
Anyhow, if you have the chance, check out this dvd and watch it...then tell me whether or not you wanna just start making your own. Because I sure do. The microbiology side of how a rind forms on a round of cheese is just fascinating. How fungi, bacteria, mold...all contribute to the smell, colour, texture, flavour and taste of the raw cheese. Yup. You foodies can geek out now. It's fascinating. Anyhow-I'm off to make dinner and dream of just how I can get my hands on some cheesemaking materials. Enjoy the rest of your day...take time to enjoy your food.

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