Friday, October 23, 2009

Nearly Here! Sorry For the Hiatus!

Well folks-Sorry the hiatus has taken much more than I intended! Getting ready for baby, decluttering our sweet little home, and lack of wireless internet at our house has culminated into well-the extended absence...which of course is no good for a blogger! I apologise! I am about 4 weeks-ish away from my due date already, and have nearly everything done and ready for baby. Amazing how simple preparing for the 2nd little one can get after you realise just how MUCH you don't really need;) Still-it is preparing for the new arrival that can still take some time. I have made some extra food items/ingredients/breakfast-y things to freeze and have almost become a pro at packing our little freezer. Ha. I have finally finished cutting out the material for my cloth inserts for my gdiapers, but I just need to serge them:D hopefully I can head over to my mother's house to accomplish this last task! My sweet mother and sister and friend Cinnamon are throwing me a blessingway/shower and I am so excited:D This little girl is surrounded by the love of her Heavenly Father, earthly father, and so many others that are praying for her entry into this realm. I am so excited! Homebirth here I come:)

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