Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cloth Wipes and Upcoming Projects

Hello there in bloggerland! I thought I'd give an update with what I've been working on with my husband! More things on my "nesting list" are done, but more things have been added;)
We just recently made a trip to Zoom Baby Gear on NW Lombard in Portland, OR and purchased some GREAT fabric to make our own cloth inserts for our gDiapers!

If you live in the Portland/Vancouver area and have NOT visited this amazing woman's store yet, please do! She is a "diapering guru" and heavily encourages parents to strike out and make their own cloth diapering supplies, as well as carry an abundant selection of supplies herself from fabric, notions, instructions, and ready-made diapers and accessories. We spent $45 on 4yds of fabric to make about 45 inserts to start out with! We'll be making more, but that's all that we had moolah for so thanks, God for providing the funds for us to do this! (gdiapers makes great inserts, but they were $25-30 for 6 of them...you can imagine diapering 2 children and having to pay about 300 to 400 just for inserts to be able to diaper them both. YIKES! The three fabrics we chose are 1)2 yds of bamboo/cotton fleece blend 2) 1yd of hemp/cotton fleece blend 3)1 yd hemp/cotten blend sherpa (slightly thicker, looser weave than the hemp/cotton fleece, which is trimmer.)
With gDiapers, we only need 2 sizes (small and medium/large) so that works out nicely! My mom has a surger which she was blessed with from my Memaw in Texas. We have a sewing machine, but we figured it'd make the job more durable and easy using the surger instead of our regular sewing machine.
I cannot say how pleased we are with our gDiapers which have proved over and over to us their usefulness, durability, and cuteness!
We have been using them with Eoin since birth, and he is nearly 14 months, big boy, and just NOW growing out of his medium-sized g's! You can imagine washing them/velcro for over a year (and only running on 8 instead of the usual 12! ha.) the velcro was pretty worn out. Well I contacted gDiapers HQ which is based out of Portland, OR and Michelle from the gdiaper therapy department contacted me and said she could send me all of the velcro replacements for FREE! What a blessing that was! So, in preparation for getting these diapers ready for next wearer (coming in mid-November!) I have just finished removing all of the hook&loop velcro from the diapers and am now about to sew all of the new ones on!
Easy Peasy! I'll update with my progress when I've got some more time.
Also, I recently finished cutting out all of the fabric/fleece for my homemade cloth nursing pads. (the brilliant idea coming from my dear friend Lindsay over at www.passionatehomemaking.com) Those too will be going under the surger's needle when my mom and dad get back from visiting my brother and sister-in-law and their sweet boys stationed in Savannah, GA.
I almost forgot to mention! While at Zoom Baby Gear, the owner pulled out some scrap bins where there is just a bunch of leftover fabric, all of the natural variety and said they are the "freebie bins"! You can imagine just how elated I was because I wanted to make some cloth wipes! So I was able to snag a bunch of fleece, flannel, and sherpa blends all for free and cut them to perfect size for wipes! I brought them home, cut them up, and stuck them in a homemade solution of a bit of babywash, Burt's Bee's baby lotion, and water and put them in little plastic IKEA stackable tubs that I purchased @ 3 for $2.49! Brilliant!
Whew! So, that is what I've been up to lately! When the hubby gets home we'll be re-arranging our bedroom to accomodate our birthing tub and give us more space in general to move around in (at his suggestion;)...i promise we women are NOT the only ones who "nest". lol)
Here is a recent picture of Eoin napping his heart out!

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