Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let Nesting Begin

My brain wouldn't sleep all night last night as I realised-after the midwife came for her visit-that I have only about 12 weeks until little Imogen will be entering the world outside the womb! Sure, I had my mental list of things to make/accomplish before she arrived, but good grief...3 months and now it's down to crunch time. (yes, the Firstborn mentality to schedule/plan projects in order to not have to rush to get it ALL done in the 11th hour.) So-just because I like writing lists, I might as well tell you what it is!

To-Do List Before Imogen's Homebirth:

*Sort through gender neutral/girl clothes I'd been saving
*Sort through clothes given to me by midwife's daughter
*Finish putting up organisation/pictures in Eoin/Imogen's bedroom.
*Start planning/saving a few meals for after the birth
*Make Nursing Pads (thank you, Lindsay for the post!)
*Gather supplies for and making cloth diaper G-Diaper Inserts. (It is a toss-up between hemp/bamboo at this point.) If you haven't heard of/seen G Diapers...they are phenomenal! We have been using them since Eoin's birth and have really loved how they have held up! For now we use prefolds, but are going to make inserts that are similar to what they sell on their website.
*Start/Finish Imogen's baby quilt
*Have a more concrete plan in place for a rough-sketch of how I'd like to handle early labour, etc. :)

Okay so there it is! I don't think it's too lofty^_^ I've gotten the first 2 done today. Micah will be helping with putting up pictures/organisation in their bedroom tomorrow morning! Woohoo!
My mom and I have also been thinking about shower-ideas...seeing as how this new one is a girl-and what we most need are just Gdiapers and their snap-in liners in all 3 sizes. We've basically got just about everything else, minus an odd thing here and there (like pants, skirts, leggings, socks, what-have-you). So we're thinking of maybe doing a "Cloth Diaper/Blessingway"-themed shower;) Any of you who know my awesome mom knows this is just right up her alley. She loves to throw a party, and throw it well:D So-just some ideas running through my head! Hope you all are well.


  1. We use G Diapers too and have LOVED them! And I made my own cloth inserts too! They worked out prefectly! Fun stuff!