Monday, July 27, 2009

So Many Things On the Mind-

Eoin on a family picnic day near the waterfront

We are getting settled into our cute little brick duplex. You should see my tomatoes and green beans...they're going insane with growth and produce! I have a few rogue tomato plants that decided to say "hello" and start growing as well-so I'm going to have to find some pots and more soil to plant them know, the whole "don't waste the free food growing in your backyard" thing...I am SURE that is somewhere...written...said...who knows.
As far as the joint-garden effort at Mom and Dad's house-things are growing excellently! We just finished the raspberries and now the thornless blackberries are just about to start unloading their juicy amazingness on us. We've gotten alot of fingerling potatoes already and the pole beans FINALLY decided to perk up and start climbing after being overshadowed by the snap peas. I've been getting alot of great kale, which has managed to NOT bolt, and the basil, amazingly, is doing excellently! The heirloom tomatoes have an army of fruit on them...just waiting to ripen (the weather is VERY hot and dry this week, so I am thinking it will encourage them.) The Rainbow carrots have been doing awesomely as well! quite yummy, even the ones I thinned out I re-planted in a little experiment to see if I could continue growing them in better space--I am pleased to report they are THRIVING:D We're getting alot of yellow straightneck squash already and a bit of zucchini! Absolutely YUMMY roasted with some poached salmon;)
Our wee little family is growing more and more excited over the birth of our little girl coming up in November-we are naming her Imogen and wow...does she ever love to move within the womb! I had really missed that after Eoin was born, so it's nice to get to experience it all over again:)
I am excited and anticipating this upcoming year- (fall, winter, spring, so-on) to see what God will be doing in our little family. We are searching and discovering what intentional community and serving means-and where we fit into the body as such. It's a hard journey, but one we're really searching out and praying about. "Bloom Where You're Planted" the saying goes-but we are seeking to find where it is we are supposed to be planted, too! Wherever it is, we will thrive!
On a lesser note, I am once again gearing up to post little recipes I've been trying out! Maybe 1 a week or 2...I haven't decided yet. Something will be going down in that arena! I know I've said it/mentioned it several times before, but YES I am going to be more intentional about it!
For those of you in the Downtown Vancouver/surrounding Vancouver area, there is a local "Veggie Swap" going down on Saturdays from 9-11 a.m. at Marcell's Hemp and Latte House off of 31st and Columbia! It's a GREAT way to bring your urban gardening fruits/veggies/herbs and swap them for something else you're looking for. It's just starting out, but it would be a great way to connect and share the local bounty! (all of you squash and zucchini growers know exactly what I'm talking about here when we talk about abundance!) So if you can make it out, do so!
Have fun everyone-Drink ALOT of water...more water than normal...and thrive this week!

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