Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quiet Times and Anniversaries

I am here to post between washing and hanging up loads of laundry, but I just had to say what a wonderful day I had yesterday! It was me and my husband's 3rd anniversary, and we had such a lovely time! We dropped Eoin off at grandma and grandpa's house and headed over to the Pearl District in Portland and walked around. Had to get some spicy chocolate at Moonstruck Chocolate get some cinnamon and pistachio gelato at Aloto Gelato and drink in the nice warm weather. After that we headed over to Powell's Books and found a couple of great used books; Chronicles of Narnia all-in-one and Dr. Sear's Nutrition Book! We got out of there for 14 dollars:D
We were trying to decide between going to the Montage or Edgefield McMenamin's Black Rabbit Restaurant and in the end decided on Edgefield. So very Romantic! Micah had their Herb Roasted Chicken with grilled green beans and Yukon potatoes. I had their Pan-Crusted halibut with Garlic-Roasted greens sitting on a bed of truffle-infused risotto. It was surrounded by little mounds of grapefruit slices and avocado. Absolutely delectable! We then headed back over to Vancouver and went for dessert at Ice Cream Renaissance ...I had the St. Helens (homemade honey vanilla ice cream mountain with raspberry sauce, walnuts, and cocoa powder) and Micah had Dr. Chocolate. (everything chocolate...and I mean...EVERYTHING.) Then we headed over to pick up a very happy Eoin and went home. As you can see, we both just love walking around grazing around Portland and Vancouver:D. It was wonderful! If you ever get a chance to check any of these places out, definitely do so! Whether you enjoy crispy froglegs, mountains of icecream, spicy chocolate, or crusted halibut-these places are great finds and getaways...and the food, I assure you, is delectable!
Thank you, Micah for such an amazing marriage, for the wonderful passionate father that you are, and for being such an attentive and strong husband! I love you with every fiber of my being! Thank You, Lord, for all of these blessings!

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