Thursday, April 09, 2009

Of Plantings and Wombs

We have planted seeds in the sodden womb of the earth this week. As I plowed, trowed, fertilised, pushed seeds into the loamy soil and split up propagated garlic I was struck with such a huge sense of life and blessing from the Lord regarding my own womb. My husband and I were told that we would not be able to conceive children on our own, yet here I am with our 2nd beautiful little child growing in the depths of my womb-planted there by love and by a Saviour Who has redeemed me by giving Himself for me. Completely. Thank You Lord!
"...For my frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth...all of my days were ordained when as yet there was not one of them!.."
I was so excited to sink my feet and hands into the wonderful soil yesterday, working alongside my mother in her garden as we share her raised beds and fruits. Our move back down to Vancouver was a quick one, my parents and Micah's parents being such huge blessings to us in helping us pack, clean, move, store, and giving us lodging until our duplex is ready for moving day in a few weeks!
Mum and I so far have planted rainbow chard, sugar peas, snow peas, Scotch Kale, chives, a mesclun mix, gourmet carrot variety, and split up the propagated garlic and re-planted them along the edges of the raised beds to help ward off pesties and beasties! We are considering uprooting the elderberries this year and transplanting them somewhere outside the garden area as they are extremely prolific, but take alot of the smallish berries to do anything substantial with. We are thinking we may get some european-trellised apple trees and putting them in place of the elderberries. I have been encouraging mum to possibly make a trip out to Raintree farms out in Morton to see about getting some better producing blueberries-as her bushes have never had very good luck! I am thinking it might be a variety/soil issue, but it's hard to tell! We will be enjoying thornless huckleberries, raspberries, elderberries, and concord grapes this year, as well as quince and a plethora of veggies and tomatoes! We have a wonderful place in Portland we can purchase at that has an amazing variety of heirloom tomato starts, and have decided this year to just buy the starts themselves;) Ahh how lovely this all is!
I would like to give this moment to say congratulations to my dear friend Hayley Neill for her recent news of her pregnancy!! Her Nerd Incubator is due to deliver about October 21st:D
I would also like to say congratulations to my sister-in-law Tori for her recent news on finding out her 2nd little one she is expecting is a boy!!
May the Lord continue to keep you both strong, rested, and peaceful during this beautiful time!
I hope all is well out there in bloggerland-more to come!

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  1. Sad that we didn't get to say, "goodbye." Justin was sick that last Sunday morning and I had all 4 kids to myself =( Hope you continue to enjoy the move, family, planting and your little bundle! We just found out that our little boy will arrive on or before May 8th (just 4 weeks away!), Yikes! Time is running short =) Anywho... I read your blog, so keep me up to date on things. Many blessings...