Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Many Changes-So Little Time

Well I am here to jot down a "summary" of what's been going on in my world! My husband and I have decided to move back to the Vancouver/Portland area. We are so thrilled to be back around our friends and family! We made the decision based on several things-to highlight a few:
1) had been really feeling the Lord's tug to go back
2) had been wanting to be more involved in art, music, and missions
3) didn't think we could take the further paycut with him just working his retail job without the job at our current church body.

Well the Lord really was just able to release us! We are moving in 2 weeks-and will be staying with my parents for 2 more weeks until our sweet little home we are going to rent is available. The Lord really blessed us with this opportunity to rent from some old family friends and initially we'd kind of snubbed our noses at it-and the Lord totally shut the doors anywhere else so well? We're gladly taking it...apologising for the initial snubby-ness.
I am extremely sad to be moving away from my sweet friends and friendships that I have gotten to be a part of-but thank God for Facebook, eh? Lol. Oh. And Phones;)
Our most recent news other than the moving stuff is that we are expecting another little one in mid-late November! We are so excited as we were just kind of leaving it up to God as far as spacing went. I am currently 5 1/2 weeks along and am feeling great, other than that I am a little nipple-sore, tired, and hungrier than normal being a nursing mama. Ha. Because of the move, we won't get to have Ann Olsen for our Midwife, which we are heartbroken over...she is like family to us! But-she knows some lovely women in the Vancouver area...and I am hoping to get Eneyda Ramos to catch my baby;)
Eoin is so very tall at 9 months and still loves to nurse all day and night! He loves "people" food too, and will eat anything we give him, just as long as it gets into his mouth fast enough! He is still a vax-free baby for now. And to tell you the truth-is as strong as an ox! If we get to go overseas and serve eventually-we can make the choice to get him vaxed..but for now we're choosing "nope" on that one;) His wonderfully strong, unique and expressive personality is really starting to come out and is nearly walking! In a matter of 1 month, he went to armycrawling, to crawling, to pulling himself up, to walking around as long as he's holding onto something! What a champ! I am so proud of him...and so honoured to be his mum. Well-wish this could be longer, but I've got some more packing to do...and yes...I'm hungry;)


  1. Hey there...glad you are moving back to my city! ;) We'll have to catch up one of these times. Congrats on your new little one! I have a midwife I can highly recommend! ;)

  2. Hey lindsay! So glad you stopped by! Thank you for the congrats^_^ We are soooo very excited!! And we will definitely have to catch up before too long! How lovely to be living in close proximity to each other again! And hey-would love to know more about your midwife! I am all ears^_^

  3. I'm going to miss see and hearing you on Sunday mornings, but I will get some great miles out of that Christmas/baby present you made me. Even though we did get out much together I truly value having the chance to get to know you a bit. Good luck with your new little bundle, the move and spring planting?!