Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Listing and Scheduling

Ahh so today has been a day of listing and scheduling! This afternoon I was able to get out in nearly 60 degree weather to weed! Got another great section cleared out and took down the bean poles to prepare for tilling this weekend, weather permitting. I usually do a "first" tilling like this in February to help the ground cover to start composing and adding more nutrients to the soil as it dries out. All of the fruit trees have been successfully pruned back except for the rainier cherry tree. The thing is a BEAST and frankly-we're gonna need a monster of a saw to chop this thing down to a manageable level---sooo...anybody have a monstrous ladder for picking later on in the season? Promise you'll get some cherries!
I am nearly done making an Excel spreadsheet schedule for my 2009 planting schedule! When it's all done I'll have to see if I can put up a file for you all to view! This schedule includes starter schedules, transplanting, and successive sowing schedules so that I can maximize my year of harvesting and have overwintering varieties for greens and onions and carrots throughout the winter! I am hoping to construct a cloche/frame system so that I can grow the more tender greens in the winter. It works kind of like a "flat" greenhouse with ventable cover doors and is quite easy to make! I scavenged the backyard for some bamboo poles that I will be using for the pole beans in May. The other two things I will be working to construct are a potato box (not a raised bed) and a climbing screen for the pickling cucumbers and peas. The reason for no raised beds regarding the potatoes are the benefits of a greater yield and propagation. Hilling up with straw and loose soil consecutively will greatly help these great plants give me all they've got!
I will be posting more on tips for other plants in the future, but for now: here is my seed list!
Royal Burgundy Bush bean
Blue Lake Pole Bean
Sugar Snap Pea
Atlantic Broccoli
Boston Pickling Cucumber
Black Zucchini
New England Pie Pumpkin
Amsterdam Minicor Carrot
Nantes variety carrot
Chantenay Royal CArrot
White Lisbon bunching onion
Walla Walla onion
Red Burgundy Onion
Gourmet blend Radish
Bloomsdale Savoy Spinach
Spaghetti squash
sweet potato squash
Dwarf Blue Curled kale
Blends heirloom salad blend
Ariane bellpeppers
Brandywine tomato
pear tomato
Nepal tomato
Brown Berry tomato
Cherokee chocolate tomato
Ardwyna Tomato
Aunt Ruby's German Green tomato
Amish Paste tomato
Pear tomatoes
artichoke (starters from mom's garden)
sweet corn/decorative corn
various herbs for teas/tinctures
Whew! I am sure I forgot a couple here and there! I have a few seeds left over from last year's plantings including a gourmet variety of coloured carrots, icicle radishes, spinach, and nantes variety carrots.

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