Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cliff Diving in Life

You ever get that exhilarating feeling that you're about to go jumping over the edge of the most beautiful cliff? Yeah-the whole bit about swiftly plummeting to depths that might even scare a poor bird into pooping unbidden on a windshield. Well that's how life feels at the moment, honestly-and I have to say I am holding my breath, smiling, and waiting to tip over the edge JUUUUST enough for gravity to do its job. The opening bud; the great plunge; the new chapter; the new journey....all these little metaphors paltry expressions for just how amazing the future can be if we just take it from God and embrace it.
I have come to discover this: more than wholesome eating, more than green-living, more than homemaking, more than music and artistic expression, more than purposeful living, more than rules, or lack thereof, or whatever.......that I MUST KNOW CHRIST, AND HIM BE LOVER, MASTER, LORD, AND ARTIST OF MY LIFE. Everything else is secondary...even my marriage,my motherhood, and my music. If I cannot love and follow Christ...then all these other things are meaningless...nothing. All these things I listed here are important to me...I believe they are callings and desires...and they are GOOD things. But folks? If I can't get the MAIN THING right, then really...I am living a pointless and tasteless life. So really??? Before we even get BOGGED DOWN in the good things and sometimes the legalistic and trifling things we like to heap upon ourselves...let's take a time-out and simplify our lives by embracing Christ first, and pursuing Him relentlessly...everything else is just icing. No joke. No more over-spiritualizing the good things in more trying to justify everything I do...I am called to love Christ and serve Him-and that LOVE should come spilling, oozing, wafting and barreling out of me into everything I do and everyone I come into contact with.
Lord? I am ready to live dangerously at the expense of losing favour.
Lord? I am willing to live on the edge and to even take the plunge into the unknown.
Lord? I am willing to do whatever it takes to get Your love across to this planet.
Lord? I am ready to use whatever it takes, whatever gift, whatever You want, to share You with the precious lives around me, even if it means the world is against me.
"Empty me...empty me. Fill me...with You...with You..." -Jeremy Camp: Empty Me

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