Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seeding Excitement

Okay everybody. I am SERIOUSLY geeking out right now! Yup...once again it is time for seed ordering! *duhduhduhhhhh* I am looking at ordering from Full Circle Seeds and Heirloom Seeds this year! Why heirloom? Well, they're fun for starters and you can find alot of beautiful and amazing varieties that have been around for centuries! You can also save the seeds and keep on planting next year! Maybe I can even start a local seeding exchange with your other green-thumbed friends! Ideas are mulling around in my head.
I have currently been separating the garden and backyard 1/2 of the property into sections...weeding, pruning, and general up-keep. That's proved to be my saving sanity. I am slightly attention deficit so if I see a task too big, I'll just putter here and there and never really get substantial work done!

I have finished pruning our red grapes, 2 out of 5 apple trees and staking up one of the younger grafted apples...seems to want to grow all wonky on us..., our lavender, spearmint, and separated and re-planted our propagating lingonberries. Oh! And I managed to divide the root/tuber system on our gigantic rhubarb monstrosity...that I really should've divided at the end of its bearing season last year...but didn' I did juuuust in time for it to start poking out again. It's funny how puny and lifeless the root system looks until you're out one day 2 months later and realise..."wow...these leaves are as big as an African elephant's ear!" absolutely hilarious. I do plan on making some celeriac/rhubarb salsa and can the rest of the rhubarb. YUM. I have finished weeding and cleaning up 1/3 of my 3 sections I've divided my little piece of earth into...and yes, I WILL be using caseron on the parts that aren't growing anything...(there are large peagravel sections of the grounds that aren't for growing...and therefore are subject to weeds and pesties. The ground is still soft from all the rain and snow we've encountered as of late so it makes weed-pulling marvelous and I can round up all the little newbies trying to make their dastardly faces poke out. I believe that Caseron is about the only "non-natural" thing that I resort to killing weeds with...otherwise if I get around to it, I just yank 'em;)
I am definitely venturing forth this year in cultivating a wider variety of herbs, and getting them well-established in a little section I have yet to designate. I AM curious, tho, as to if any of you think that I should resort to container gardening for all of my herbs?? It isn't that I lack the space...believe me...but it might be lovely having all of that on the deck, ye know? So hmmm...I am open to ideas! Do share;)

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  1. I do use pots for my mint. I first had it planted right in my flower beds but soon realized that it took over everything!! So now I have pots. I'm not sure how they winter over this will be my first time. But I was able to dry a ton of my Egyptian Mint and store it away. We love it iced with black tea. If you ever want a start I'd love to trade for something. I still want to know what types of seeds you are purchasing...I love details!! :)