Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A GREAT Recipe Find

So Micah and I took some old dvds we didn't want anymore to Half-Price Books (the premie-version of Powell's Books in Portland. Ha.) and got credit to get some great books! (and movies!) My most favourite of the two finds is The Hay Day Country Market Cookbook I have been LOVING the nutritious wholesome recipes in this book! They have a plethora of recipes for cooking seasonal fruits and veggies in this gem-of-a-find! I was able to purchase it for "free" because of our credit and only paid $6.00 for the entire thing! I've been loving getting to see some great fresh ideas for making warm chowders, crisps from my preserved fruits from our garden, and hearty breads. If you get a chance to purchase this book, DO! I will hopefully be featuring a new recipe find from this book over the next few weeks! So, on this very wet wednesday, I bid you blessings and a good day! (remember that great book you've been meaning to catch up on...and the tea just aching to be brewed?? today would be a perfect day for that:D)

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