Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow and Friday Nights

Here is our sweet Eoin enjoying his first lights under the Christmas tree!
I have taken a very fast break to come back here and say "ello"...and tell you all we DEFINITELY have snow. I am trying to finish up quilting like a madwoman so that they are done in time to give to our families as gifts!!! Yes, I will post pictures in the future;) we currently have 5 inches of snow and every twig and branch...even at midday, wasn't going away, even with the sun out! (that might tell ye how cold it is!). God is good and so beautiful...and quite the artist as always when he sends us these wintry miracles! May you enjoy this weekend! If I do not post before the new year, it is because we will be visiting family in Vancouver (washington)^_^ May Christ infuse your home and bless you with the fragrance of His presence and the beauty of His love!

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