Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Of Albums and Late Nights

I sit here late at night waiting for my strong husband to get home from doing his freight night at work, and there is a load of laundry needing to be folded in the Poang chair and I would rather go read Brisingr while Eoin slumbers away on the couch beside me! Tomorrow Nerf (short for Nerfherder) gets to stay home for the day, and we will be going to the post office...blowing crooked willow leaves off of our back deck, and hopefully get in some good zoning time-just the 3 of us!

Right now I am listening to my new cd "A Midwinter Night's Dream" by Loreena McKennitt....truly a masterpiece!!!

Today after he left for work, I sat here for a few minutes thinking..."Hmmm...you know, I don't get out and do stuff much. You know, though...after my years of being in the working world at a 'ripe young age' of 24, I think that I just like being at home. Now don't get me wrong...I Looove getting to go places and do things and I have an explorer's nature in me and itchy feet to boot...but I love being home with my son. Being in this place in my life gives me alot more meditative and "thinking" time, if you will. Now, I am not silly in thinking this will last forever! I know that having more children warrants less and less of that "quiet time"...but man...how important it is to have it...to regroup...to re-evaluate. I thank the Lord that even during the night...when I wake up upset over some ridiculous dream...only to find that when I'm drifting off to sleep that Eoin wants to have a nursing "snack" to go back to sleep-that I am here in this place. Yeah, I may not be getting the sleep that I so crave at that moment, but faith, ladies! It is amazing to know that I have a Lord that knows my needs far above my own! That He looks upon me compassionately and graciously and blesses me with the strength to parent even in the late hours and sometimes wee hours of the morning. Precious still moments...even if it's not exactly the hour I would choose-are there.

I was also pondering on my sweet friend, Heather, and how much of a strong, compassionate, and resilient woman that she is. What a faithful beautiful woman!!! That even with an adoption in process, 3 beautiful younglings, a new little one on the way and a strong-natured husband...she still remains authentic and real. No matter what. She presses on! She is not afraid to admit her weakness and her desire to know the Lord more...and I deeply admire her and look up to her. So Heather? If you're reading this, know every word is true to the letter! Today...even in this late hour, I honour you, my friend! May the Lord continue to bless your womb and your household! May His love and grace permeate your being and through the lives of your children! May your husband and your children bless you and strengthen you and cherish you! And above all-may the Lord give you the strength, the courage, and the compassion to live this life in His freedom and joyfulness!!
Well-that about sums up today's thoughts! Still working on 2 quilts. simple geometric diamond/block patterns for our gifts to our families this year! Oh-and in afterthought will probably get a larger portion of them on their way to being finished tomorrow with Nerfherder being home;) So, before I ramble further, may you all have a blessed night-all you who are out there in blogland and other lands...or just a few kingdoms over.

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  1. Thank you. I SO much needed that affirmation! You are a beautiful woman yourself and just knowing you blesses my life. Again, thank you!