Monday, December 01, 2008

A New Week and a New Giveaway!

Well welcome to another week! I am back from the weekend and I must say I had an amazing time! My bloggiefriend Stephanie over at Keeper of the Home is hosting a giveaway of BPA-free and non-leaching stainless steel water bottles! So head on over and enter in your name in for a chance to get a freebie! Also, visit The Tickle Trunk to see other great plastic-free products for HALF of the price of Kleen Kanteen.

My husband and I have been really having fun lately coming up with frugal and creative ideas for celebrating the Christmas season this year-especially with today being December 1st! The first day of Advent! We are making quilts for our families and special preserves from our canning this year, as well as some knit hats and things. We had an amazing time yesterday with going out into our backyard and cutting down a tall evergreen tree that was crowding out our grapes in a corner of our 1/2 acre. Can I say we have the most beautiful tree and that it makes the house smell AMAZING?! does;) The sun was shining earlier and is now shrouded again with low-hanging clouds, and I must say...that as I sit here and type while Eoin slumbers snuggled up in his quilt on the couch, that it is truly a cozy lovely afternoon. After I am done here bloggity-blogging, I will be cutting out the pieces for the family quilt I will be starting as one of our wintering projects! snuggly-warm and oh-so-beautiful. And I believe that my friend Heather in South Africa would seriously get itchy fingers looking at all the gorgeous fabric my dear friend Gena gave me for making it! Excited!
Well, have a beautiful day my friends. I am off to quilt and think about getting supper ready and think of a special something to do tonight in remembrance of Advent. May God grace your day and infuse His light within you.


  1. I love your blog!! We have a lot in common my friend...canning, attachement parenting, well I did cloth diapering (would love to do it again), and most of all I LOVE JESUS!!!! Let's keep in touch!

  2. hooray!!!!!! i'm so glad, britt!!! let's keep in touch! and let's have a baking day:D