Friday, October 31, 2008

Reformation Day

I am listening to "Bi A Iosa, Im Chroi-Se" (accents not put in there properly;)) or otherwise translated from Gaelic "Jesus Be In My Heart". It's a perfect instrumental match for a perfect rainy autumn day.
I am still searching for the elusive camera cable so that I can start downloading pictures of my finished endeavour-Pumpkin Butter-otherwise known in our house as "Autumnal Ambrosia". I am still working on just what exactly I did so that I can post the recipe. It was a conglomeration of several recipes and taste tests compliments of my dear husband. (Who, should get very honourable mention in this post because lo and behold, he finished canning my applesauce for me while at a dear friend's house on Tuesday!).
I am already gathering ideas for what do to this Christmas for our large families! Our one we like the best is doing family quilts for both (dh and i both love to sew). Definitely have a "Scottish/Irish" themed-quilt...permeated with Plaids and greens.
I am excited to start my menu planning next month-I have been gathering recipes and I dearly hope that this will work! I found a local food co-op in Eatonville which gets Azure Standard drops every 2 weeks! Woohoo!!!!! Local organic produce and products here I come!
I have put away the last of my produce and am now onto my almonds. I have never dealt with almonds straight from the tree...and know nothing about drying or getting the nuts out of their impossibly hard shells, but hey-I am open to ideas and I will be using google;).
Any of you have some great ideas for what to do with these almonds? Leave comments please^_^
As to what I will be doing the rest of the day-washing a load of dipes, praying over our country's future, thinking of something special to cook for dinner, and queuing up the movie "Luther" in celebration of today...and hopefully finding a nap somewhere in there. Blessings on you my friends-remember your heritage!

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