Friday, September 05, 2008

canning...canning...and brewing!

Well we are finally finished canning all of the peaches! I might get a box or two more so that I can make some peach butter and syrup and such. The every jar sealed and I was very excited;-)

Now the Italian plums are ripe and ready for making into butter and drying them! I am now in the midst of canning our Gravenstein apples into apple sauce, apple butter, and drying all of the peels in our dryer with a bit of cinnamon and unbleached sugar. They are soooo yummy for munchies! I follow this process by keeping them in airtight containers so that they don't rehydrate and get moldy;)
My husband and I also just made some cider and have started a jug of hard apple cider. You can imagine this clear glass jug with this giant inflating glove on the top...from the gases produced by the fermentation process! I hope to make mead with some of the brew after the 2nd racking off.
I am extremely excited that it is September! Another year's end is fast-approaching and I cannot believe all of the amazing and wonderful things the Lord has done in our lives.
My dear little one is growing fast! Sleeping hard and eating much. Can I say what a huuuge blessing it is to breast-feed? It's amazing. We are still co-sleeping which is working out well for us three and he will be moving into his crib here within a month or two. Well, this isn't going to be very long, but happy harvesting! Off to make bread now----
P.S.....father-in-law gave me the most wonderful sourdough starter! Apple cider brewed;-)


  1. Your sourdough starter sounds amazing! I would love to learn how that was made.

    I'm busy canning too! I just finished peaches, and got my first batch of apples the other day.

    Michele :)

  2. I am trying to teach myself to can (and garden).

    Can you recommend a good book on teaching you to can? Simple, easy instructions.

    Thanks! It sounds fun!