Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Moment Or Two

I am in the midst of canning the freestone peaches from my tree out back-and let me say they are juiiiicy! So far every one of the jars have sealed (thank you mum for being so detailed in your instruction growing up!). I am so excited that the tree produced so very well this year, even with all of the freaky weather. It WAS a challenge, I will tell you...seeing as how I have a 2 month old who has juuust figured out he'd rather be held when mum's in the kitchen-that way he doesn't miss out on being closer to the food source (me) or missing out on all the activity. As you can imagine, strapped in the Ergo he and I were quite the scene when DH came home to a peach canning frenzy and his son's head lolling in happiness as he drifted off to sleep!
The blueberries are almost done and I have one more really good picking and the rest will go into the freezer for the winter. The Bosc pears are just about ready-I'll give them another week or two and then start picking them. Italian plums are looking marvelous, though I can't keep up with the silly stragglers on the ground! They should be ripe any day now. I am excited to be putting away all of this so that we have yummier things to eat when the weather is dreary and cold outside.
As far as the veggie garden goes...well....let's just say I shall redouble my efforts next year? I started one this year, was extremely pregnant, and not to mention had that strange cold snap of weather later on in the spring...well, it just didn't happen. The best I got out of the deal were leeks which I used in a soup. HA. But in talking with my dear friend Heather I believe we are going to help each other out and help each other plant our gardens next year! I also feel like I will be more prepared with planning and such to see how much I REALLY need to grow to sustain us!
For now, I am contemplating on setting up a temporary account with Terra Organics so that we can have a variety of good local organic produce throughout the fall and winter here, not to mention support our local farming community here in the valley.
My little one is growing fast! Breastfeeding has proved a real success after some difficulties and I feel blessed that my body is doing what it was designed to do---nuture!
As autumn approaches I am looking forward to it with much anticipation...the colours, the crisp grey days, the birthdays...and the putting away of our hard work.

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