Saturday, August 02, 2008

Finally....Someone's Alive Here!

So here it is. Finally. A new update on the universe that is not just Kileah's!
Motherhood. How do we describe it? Revealing, amazing, frightening, empowering, beautiful, evolving, humbling, and blessing.

I am reminded of a scene in Lord of the Rings-the Two Towers, when Arwen replies to Aragorn's remark "My path is hidden from me..." and Arwen replies "You path is already set before you-walk in it..." (okayokay....sliiight parapharase on the last couple of words...cuz i can't remember exact wording)...but do you get the gist of it?
No, we don't always know what is before us. We must remember that just because we cannot see everything before us-doesn't mean that there isn't a path in front of us to walk. Our journey requires faith, a bit of daring, adventure, and in a God who knows what He's doing, regardless of whether we know what we're doing or where we should go. Now if you're like me, you want to know EVERYTHING....thing like 'When is the best time to transition Eoin to sleep in his crib?' or 'How long should I let him cry? Should I at all?' or 'How will my financial habits and disciplinary habits postively or negatively affect him or the other children we have?'. We've got to make choices. We need to make decisions. We must evaluate ourselves and discipline ourselves to produce healthy habits and choices in the families we are infused with. No we will never know all of the answers. (would be nice)...but God designed things that way for a reason, I think. My good friend Becca Sue wrote in her most recent blog about God showing us just how limited we are through becoming parents. How true!
Not as I had imagined it to be...and so much more than my dreams could ever hold for me---that's what having Eoin has been for me. Amazing. To get the opportunity to bless Micah and my son from home...but not be "Cornered in the eaves" so-to-speak...(i.e...not sentenced to stay at home because that's the most that women are supposed to do.) Now don't get me wrong. I have desired to be a mum since I knew that I wanted to play "house" and "family" when I was two. I believe that being a mother and a wife in the home is seriously one of the most noble and impacting things a woman can accomplish in her life...but I do not believe that is the only thing. I believe that we have such a huge responsibility to not only impact and nuture our husbands and children in our home....but also to impact and nurture the community and world around us.To miss out, or be lopsided would be such a mistake. Now I'm not saying all of you women need to get out there, get a hubby and start making babies like crazy in order to really fulfill what God has for you. What I AM saying is this: don't neglect the Lord's world and matter what you are called to-whatever your desires and passions are for in life-don't forget that the world still needs us-teach each other...teach our children to have a heart for their fellow man...and to desire to impact them in a way that will never leave the world the same.
So...on a more playful note, Eoin is now 10 lbs 12 oz as of Tuesday! He weighed 8lb 6oz when he was born! He is long, lanky, and ever-so-much-expressive! He looks as if he's known this whole old world...and still looks around it with wonder and excitement. He sleeps really well at night! I only have to feed him about once around 3 a.m. now. And of course there are the funky nights where he doesn't wanna quite wake up, but he just wants to nurse for comfort so that he can go back to sleep and dream. I'm convinced angels carry out conversations with him as he's sighing in his sleep! He loves grunting, cooing, eating, laughing, smiling, and being talked to! I love watching Micah take him outside into the garden and walking around, explaining the world to him. I love it when Eoin sighs in his sleep. I love that he gets soooo comfy when he's nursing that he just nods off to sleep. (a little sarcasm in there. ha.) I love that I have a church body that loves to hold Eoin while Micah and I do music. It truly does put some reality to the phrase "It takes a village to raise a child."
Though I am in a season of my life where friends of my age and time of life are few...God is constant-and brings me encouragement through dear friends and people at our small fellowship and through people I meet along the way. God is good! So for all of you out there in York, Charlotte, Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, Alaska, Germany, China, and all the other corners of this earth I've neglected to mention......I love you all. My heart is with you all-and I miss you! Never forget-God LOVES you...and who you are....with such a passion and intensity. He is beautiful. He is just. He is wise and loving.

"How deep the Father's Love for us! How vast beyond all measure! That He would give His only son, and make a wretch His treasure!....Why should I gain from His reward? I cannot give an answer...but this I know with all my heart-His wounds have paid my ransom."

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  1. Looking back on it, Eoin looks nothing like his baby pictures. Like when he was really tiny. He's all chubby and adorable now! (this isn't to say he wasn't adorable beforeeee! I just love his chubby cheeks!) I love it. I love you, and I miss you!