Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snowy Saturday in April I work all day and it's snowing outside. Wouldn't be so bad, only it's April, and not January! Such a strange year! My poor tulips and hyacinth are all in confusion, but are holding fast. I think the weather played a cruel and sadly usual joke on us poor gardeners. Last Saturday was nearly 80F...much too tempting for me to just sink my toes into grass and freshly-turned earth and sigh with contentment!
Tomorrow my family is coming up to see Micah and I for the day, and I have come to the utter realisation that it will most likely be the last time before our little one makes his entrance into this realm! We are hoping they will be able to make it in time for the homebirth. If not, then they will be there shortly after, I'm sure!
I think I'm in the mood to go into an emergency housecleaning when I get home. Maybe even make some banana bread and throw something stew-ish in the crockpot! mmmm. Or maybe scratch that and I'll make baked potatoes.:P. With brocolli and such on it. yum! I have recently discovered how amazingly yummy moroccan mint tea mixed with red raspberry leaf tastes! Hot or iced-with a bit of agave nectar in it. So refreshing and absolutely amazing for the body! Try it^_^

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