Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Days are running together

Moments that make up my days have been running together as of late. I am definitely not complaining, though! I am 2 1/2 weeks away from being seven months along in my pregnancy, and it's been going pretty well! It does help that I am working full time so my days are not spent so much dwelling on the fact that this beautiful boy inside of my womb is getting bigger and bigger every day;-) I am loving that I look pregnant-but in a good way;-)
Our almond tree is in full bloom now- and the pale ashen branches compliment the pale blush of petals. Crocus and daffies are definitely poking their yellow and purple heads out there-glad of the slightly warmer temperatures. I am itching to start things out in the plot, only a little voice tells me to wait just a couple of weeks more or so-so I am. I expect to start planting around the last week of March or early April!
My dear friend Sarah is so excited to gather with a few friends and draw some lovely henna on my belly to celebrate my pregnancy-I think it's going to be absolutely lovely!
Enjoy this beautiful coming of spring-official days are about to begin.....can you feel it?

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  1. Your posts get me SO excited about Spring and getting my hands dirty. I still have plenty of weeding to do and some transplanting, but I too am trying to wait until April to start the planting process.

    I am VERY excited for your little one, I know he has been desired for such a long time. You and Micah will be such wonderful parents!

    A few of your comments got me thinking that your belly is making "normal" life a little more difficult. Hope that gets easier, but keep enjoying God's creations, inside and out =)

    When are you posting prego pics? I want to see your henna belly too!!!

    Take care!