Saturday, February 09, 2008

Of Pruning Shears

Well-I went on a pruning rampage today, and I must say I feel quite accomplished. The weather was cloudy but agreeable so I decided to take advantage of the fact it wasn't pouring rain or blowing the branches around!
I started in on the grapes-They are some kind of a red variety-I have yet to discover the exact variety-but it is a very mature vine-I manage to prune everything back to the original shoots-but whoo! It's going to need a new arbour soon-the shoddy one that was built is already rotting at the stump, and leaning precariously to the left. I then started in on the peaches-I am hoping the variety is a free-stone. Freestone peaches, simply-put, just tend to be easier to deal with...especially when canning! They are both a little too tall because of previous improper pruning-but definitely mature enough to bear some yummy fruit. I am going to have to top it off, somewhat, but as to shaping it the way it's supposed to be, that will take just a bit more.
There are two dwarf grafted apples near the grapes which I took care of easily, as well as a dwarf Fuji and some sort of a rosy variety of apple that looks like it bore a mother lode last year-also a dwarf. Lilacs were trimmed back-and offshoots from the base were taken care of. Raspberries were trimmed back, and I managed to take care of the Bosc Pear. That one is also a bit tall-but I can tell that there was a little more love involved with that one;-) There is an Italian plum which was a bit overgrown, too many low branches and offshoots, so I took care of as much as I could as far as thinning and shaping it up a bit. I couldn't get the top very well, but I'll get Micah to take care of that;-) I then proceeded to the Almond tree, and just stood there admiring its beautiful colour and the shape of the buds. is once again down, but I WILL have pictures up soon! I then trimmed back all of the herbs--with several varieties of Sage and Oregano. I found a few bushes of poorly-tended French Lavender-which I hope to revive if it permits me! Well, now I get to tend to a sore back-thanks to being a bit over 5 months pregnant now-even the simplest of tasks wears this short momma out! I feel quite satisfied with myself and can't wait to turn the garden earth over next week! Mulch, mulch, mulch! It's going to be wonderful!

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