Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Post

Well! Here it is-2 days until March. Almost all the seeds have been gotten and/or ordered. I'm extremely excited to see all of the changes going on outside around me, and within me! Everything is blooming and growing and coming to life-just like the life growing inside of me. God truly is an artist. I surely will get around to posting pictures of everything-I'm just still waiting for the camera to pop up around here somewhere!
The Garden has been tilled-yes-maybe a little early. But hey-I'm impatient! Such a giant patch of earth I've been given-well, in my estimation anyhow. I found some lovely heirloom tomato seed varieties here and will be ordering the last of them this next week when I have some extra funds to contribute to the obsession^_^
The weather is steadily growing warmer-and I truly believe we are going to have a lovely spring! I pray that we get a good harvest of fruit this year-as well as my endeavours to plant in a new patch! The soil is sooo good and fertile here in the valley-truly a blessing. I don't think the plants will mind a tad bit;)
I am off to work some more-more updates to follow!

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