Monday, January 21, 2008

Signing Day

Today we sign the papers. I can barely contain myself---there's so much to do! Moving the rest of our posessions....pruning back the grapes....taking care of the ivy that shouldn't be growing up the rainier cherry tree.....finishing up my diagrams for what i'm putting in for starters---ahh! I am excited....and my brain feels full! I feel the anticipation of spring. The sun is out today and it is cold, clear, and beautiful-Mt. Rainier is blue and purple at the moment---I will post pictures of that as well soon! I cannot wait to see the progress of the garden and house. Oh! And to make a correction--I painted our laundry room and our bathroom in "Sage Sweater" by Ralph Lauren-I previously stated "Cardigan Green" or something of the like;-)---which, by the way, is lovely! More soon!

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