Friday, January 18, 2008

Seven Days Until M-Day

Move day is 7 days away. Have I started packing? Nope. Not even a book...and lordie do we have books...ahh well. I've been mentally preparing myself for it...I am a throw-away-er...I love throwing old stuff away that's just junk...or giving it away if it's reuseable....Micah, sadly is more of a pack-nut. Ah, to get rid of the encumbered-ness! Ha. Painting in the new house is almost done-just have a few rooms like the laundry room, bedrooms, and bathrooms-but main living spaces are pretty much done. Colours so far are Desert Kaftan, Cairo Brown, Cardigan Green, and Edwardian Burgundy--compliments of Ralph Lauren. The Kaftan and Cairo are the main colours throughout the house, with the accents in bedrooms and bathrooms and laundry room being the other 2 colours-glorious!!!
Yes, plans are underway for the great gardening undertaking---most of the house is already landscaped...wonderful! now it's adding the beauty, loveliness, and wee bit of elbow grease and dirt under the fingernails-
Well, I'm off to finish off a workday-more updates to come!

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