Friday, September 21, 2007

Autumn-A New Season Begins

Sunday will be the first day of Autumn. It is the time for nature to once again put on its last show of fiery finery before it dies, and returns to the earth to sleep for the winter.

Alot of things tend to die or be put to rest at this time of year, it seems. Things like dreams, hopes, plans, even fears at other times. Hoping one day that God might resurrect those things that right now seem to be disappointments----but the end goal being that God will do what He will do. It's just sometimes really hard to trust that He has our best interests in mind when what we desire in our hearts-we do not get, and when that dream or hope is broken, then why desire it in the first place? We know that He puts the good things and good desires in our hearts----so when all hope seem lost, it is hard you know? People can throw in your face every good experience regarding this-every good verse can be flashed in front of your eyes, but when it comes down to it, no amount of peoples' wording or experience or whatever is going to change your heart-that is a God-job...not a people-job, yes? The question is, are we willing to allow God to change our hearts? So I will leave it at that, for now;-)......................

Autumn is so amazing. It's when I was born. It's when my poetical self becomes most active-and my sense are alive with the inspiration in the changing colours and warmth and sweaters around me! Enjoy this changing of seasons-discover new things in the richness and the beauty and mystery of Christ!

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  1. You posted! I hear you on that Autumn thing. I've just decorated my house with leaves and pine cones and sticks. The boys are painting with leaves and pressing them in aluminum foil and using them for hair on smiley faces and all sorts of stuff. I am crazy about autumn!!!