Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Living Free Means---

My husband, Micah brought this wonderful nuggat of wisdom to me yesterday-I shall share it with you all.
"Living free-truly free-means that we cannot force our rules on other people...especially the lost."
We were talking about the Law of Love...and about legalism and such, and he told me that. Christ fulfilled the law. he changed things...and simply because ASPECTS of the Law look desirable to us...our first responsiblility is to follow after and obey the One who fulfilled it all. The Law is no longer required. Christ is the Completor. The Sustainer. So why is it oh-so-easy for us to try to enforce our rules and our standards on people who do not know Him or know Him but have been called to a different conviction?? Because we would much rather follow the Law and not have to deal with the responsibility of being under the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ. Now as to put it plainly as Paul did- "are we to continue in sin that grace might increase? may it never be!" Enough said. We are not to abuse this great love and salvation and grace that He has given us-and yet we are to be free as He has made us. Free from the Law and from Sin and from Legalism. Do not expect a pagan to follow a standard they have not been put to. Love from Christ is greater than anything the Law or your own rules and restrictions could EVER provide them. It forces us and they to look at the One who gave us life in the first place-which gives us NO room for taking any credit or merit in it. More to come-but I thought that you all should know what's been rolling around inside of this head of mine!

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  1. Hey girl! I wasn't sure if you were still ever on blogger since it seems the WA crowd got completely over it. I still check yours and Carols thinking "maybe some post today". It was great to have you comment on mine. Do you have email or myspace that you communicate on more. I have both and Facebook but Facebook seems to give me challenges. I don't think it likes me very much. Ha!