Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anniversary and One Year Later

This Sunday will mark exactly a year since Micah and I have been married. One year of deepest joy, no regrets, growing, learning, deepening, and shaping of the both of us. I would have to say that we have THRIVED in our marriage. It has not been easy, and there have been sorrows and tears along the road- but we have certainly fallen more in love with each other and become more of best friends and Anamcharas than I'd ever thought...God has blessed our lives...and blessed our marriage and our ministry serving together!

I am constantly reminded of just how much that my husband loves me and blesses me and helps me to grow...I would have to say that there is none like him! Although I am biased, I am so excited to see what God will be doing in our lives as we begin another year of marriage. I am tearful as I am reminded of how Micah shops for me, cooks for me, loves me, holds me, teaches me, serves with me, loves with me, loves the people around him, but most of all, loves the God that he has forever abandoned his heart and soul and mind to!

On a lighter note, we are leaving Thursday evening after I get off work, down to Vancouver for a Wedding that Micah is in this weekend! Friday is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and Chinese food is on the menu! Yaaay! Then, Saturday the wedding (which happens to be at the Compass Church-the same place we had our wedding at a year ago:P) and then we skip out early from the reception to fly out of Portland to............DISNEYLAND!
We'll be in Disneyland for a few days, and fly back Tuesday evening. Then the next day we'll be driving out to Cannon Beach etc, and hanging out for the rest of the week! Also, Micah has alluded to telling me he thought it would be a wonderful idea if we got Celtic love knots tattooed on each other while we're down there! I am sooo very excited!!! :D!
Micah has never been to Disneyland, so I am soooo excited! Plus, the last time I went and was too concerned with my appearance being a 13-year-old to really pay much attention...I know I had alot of fun, but half the rides were shut down for maintenance because we had gone during the off-season and construction of California Adventure had just begun!
Thank you all for you love, laughs, support, arms, and prayer this past year! I pray that the Lord continues to fill you up and spill over into the lives and family around you! Continue to bless your children-and teach them-they are gifts and treasures from the Lord! Continue to bless your spouse and serve and love each other-Let the Lord infuse Himself in every moment-in every one of your senses!
"Blessed Be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ...."
Kileah Ann McIlvain

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  1. Congrats! I pray you have 70+ more happy years!!