Monday, April 16, 2007


Well we're back from the weekend away exhausting ourselves-we are so tired out from the weekend, but we had so much fun going to a wedding, going to a birthday party, going to a famous irish pub in portland called Biddy McGraw's...and going to a fellowship called Corum Deo. on top of which, hanging out with both of our families, and trying to sleep in between. Ha. right. WE did have a wonderful time, but oh man, I missed all of you!!!

On another note, I woke up with TERRIBLE allergies this morning, and I know it is it because Micah has them terribly as well-he's always had them. So all of you allergy folks? I now fully sympathise with you! Yuk.

We found a house in Gena's cul-de-sac that we'd like to ge!! It's a rent to own, so please be praying, because it would work very well for us, just a few things need to pull together for it to happen! You are all gonna love it, though, if we do get to get it;-) I will actually get to PAINT!!! heehee....

So I thought it'd be cool for all of you homeschool moms to get together once every other month, or something, and do a "Literary Night" or something to that effect...have it maybe 1 time a quarter...every three months...whatever! Have the kids memorise scripture, a poem, a musical piece, write something, anything! And have them recite it in front of us! Wouldn't that be wonderful?! My mom and us kids used to do that with other families in our church growing up, and it was a great way to be publically recognised for our achievements and growth as students and kids! just a fun idea i had;-) Let me know what you think!!

And on my last note-I have been reading Tanya's blog on Husbands, and all of your responses to it! I would definitely have to say a hearty "YES" to the REAL top of the list-er! I was also wanting to know what you women out there think of what really ministers to us?? Especially when our husbands do it? How would YOU rank it? Is it typical? Is it majority? Let me know!


  1. you just covered half a dozen major topics in one post, sister!! does your brain ever take a rest?! lol

    let's the idea of the homeschooling thing, and it's something i did with dylan, too. in fact, i've recently been tossing around the idea of having my children present their unit study on plants to a few friends after dinner one night or something. not exactly "musical", but i want to get them comfortable and confident with speaking to others and showing off what they've accomplished. maybe you and micah could be our first victims....i mean, volunteers?

    what blesses me as a wife? this is gonna sound hokey, i'm sure, but i find my hubby most appealing when he's involved in a nurturing moment with any of our children. watching him teach lucas how to hang a staircase handrail, kissing saige's bruised knee, rocking canaan back to sleep on his chest, or working on a drawing with mackenzie. his interaction with our treasures are what bless me the most; way more than if he sent me flowers regularly, told me it was an amazing dinner, or loaded the dishwasher for me.

    as for your allergies: talk to me, gena, kelley, britt, or many others about dr terry in puyallup. he's a naturopathic chiropractor who is known for using pressure points and doing allergy reversals. he's eliminated tons on us (including cats for me, which used to send me over the top). hope you get some help soon!

    love ya lots. let's hang out sometime in 2007, k?

  2. hey yeah!! let's do;-)2007 sometime would be great! lol. hey! i'm off thursday! maybe then? omg, and your group meets there in the morning!!!
    yeah, hopefully my brain takes a rest! lol. though sometimes i feel like it never does! ugh...and micah and i would LOVE to come over and see the kids recite or just ANYTHING! we would love it!!
    and thank you for the wonderful encouragement! i would have to say that if i was a mommy...that would be the same case for me all the way!! i get so blessed when micah is playing with jason and nicholas, or hugging lucas, or just ANYTHING! but yeah;-) so what time does the ladies group meet on thursday morning? 9 or 10?

  3. my small group isn't meeting anymore on thursdays, that would have worked except that we'll be in seattle all morning signing docs to refinance our house. sorry sister! at least i do have one date on my calendar for next month when we get to spend the evening together.....CELTIC WOMAN BABY! woot woot.

    ps.....i hope you guys get the house you're looking at, but i'm a bit worried about you and a paintbrush. you may need to be monitored.

  4. awwww...daz okiez!! and whohooo on refi!!! lol...yeah, me and the paintbrush....that could be dangerous:D......hehehehehe....